ADL and Blue Sky

Blue Sky International was founded, and is jointly owned by Group One Ltd. and Audio Design Labs Inc. The company was established by combining the marketing, sales and distribution expertise of Group One Ltd. with the knowledge and experience of Audio Design Lab’s award-winning design team.

Group One Ltd., under the direction of President Jack Kelly and Chris Fichera, Vice President has had extensive experience in marketing and distribution of leading audio and lighting companies including speaker manufacturers Dynaudio, Meyer, KRK and M&K. Audio Design Lab’s R&D team includes founder Richard Walborn, former VP of Engineering at M&K, Bruce Weisberg, former VP of Operations and Product Development at M&K and Pascal Sijen, former Director of Technology Marketing at M&K. The Blue Sky corporate philosophy is to design each product to represent the highest ratio of performance to cost, and in-turn provide the highest value to their customers. The first incarnation of Blue Sky International’s philosophy is the Sky System One powered monitoring system that provides full range, accurate sound reproduction with extremely high output levels. In the future, Blue Sky International will develop and market a complete range of high quality, cost-effective monitoring solutions for the studio, broadcast, post-production and consumer market segments.

Principals of Group One are:

Jack Kelly-President
Former Founder & President of Klark-Teknik Electronics (1980-1992). Director and shareholder of Klark Teknik PLC (1984-1990). Background includes sales and marketing of a number of audio brands since 1975, including: Beyer, KT, BSS, Turbosound, DDA, Midas, currently a shareholder of XTA, founder and shareholder of Group One Ltd.

Chris Fichera-Vice President Audio Division
Two-time Grammy® award winning Recording Engineer/Producer (1976-1987). Westlake Audio Sales Engineer & Designer (1987-1989). National Sales Manager, DDA (1989-1991). Founder and shareholder Group One Ltd. (1991 to present).