Design Philosophy: Blue Sky Studio Monitors

May 17, 2008

Blue Sky's ProDesk Studio Monitoring System

This article was also published in the October 2006 edition of Resolution Magazine. You can download a PDF copy by following this link to the Blue Sky website (143KB Adobe Acrobat PDF).


About 8 years ago, my business partners at Blue Sky and I had a number of meetings to discuss designing a new series of studio monitors. After much debate, we decided there was little point in building another set of “me too” monitors, in the typical 5”, 6” and 8” 2-way configurations. What we felt was needed was a different approach that overcame some of the limitations of current monitors and provided tangible real world benefits to the recording engineer.

So where did we begin?

When creating the requirements for Blue Sky’s nearfield and mid-field studio monitors, we decided to start at the end of the chain and work backwards to the beginning.

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