Evolution & The Art of Speaker Design

May 17, 2008

Blue Sky's - THX pm3 Approved - Sky System One

This article was also published in the October 2001 edition of Pro Sound News. You can download a PDF copy by following this link to the Blue Sky website (130KB Adobe Acrobat PDF).

Through the ages, science and art have always been closely linked.  These days people have forgotten how much individual artistic talent goes into truly magnificently engineered products.  An example of a product that requires a considerable amount of technical and artistic talent is an accurate studio monitor.  This article will show how a new technology, known as BOO®, can bring artistic vision and ideal acoustic performance to the marketplace more quickly and take out much of the guesswork.

Designing a modern loudspeaker involves many factors, including:  Output requirements, room acoustics, directivity requirements, psychoacoustics (how people perceive sound), and design philosophy.  Design philosophy can also be interpreted as the artistic vision for a product.  Artistic vision / design philosophy is typically made up of the factors, that a company or engineer has discovered through research and experience, which make a speaker sound “good”.   For Blue Sky International these factors usually include such things as smooth on & off axis frequency response, flat on axis response, a wide listening window, and meeting a certain output requirement.

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