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July 25, 2008

London’s Music 4 Studio Expansion Includes Upgrade To Multiple Blue Sky Big Blue 5.1/2.1 Systems –

By Diane Gershuny:

Located in the heart of Soho London, Music 4 Studios provide a full range of audio post-production services—5.1 and stereo mixing, sound to picture (High Definition, SD, QuickTime, etc.), sound design services, voice recording—for some of the biggest names in the business, including the BBC, and a multitude of outstanding independent production companies, advertising and marketing agencies. Music 4’s recent expansion from 1 to 3 studios offered the ideal opportunity to upgrade the spec of their original studio. Part of that enhancement included the installation of two Blue Sky Big Blue 5.1 surround systems for Studios 1 & 2, and a Big Blue 2.1 System for Studio 3.

View the complete user profile, including additional images of the gorgeous facility, by following this link to the Blue Sky website. »

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