Subwoofer Placement

May 9, 2008

Blue Sky | SUB 15 Universal

Today, many consumer and professional monitoring systems incorporate a subwoofer as an integral part of the system. Making the subwoofer an integral part of the monitoring system design relieves the satellite speakers of the requirement to reproduce low frequencies. Smaller satellite speakers are more easily placed for the best imaging and the sub can be positioned for the best bass response.

But what is the best location for your subwoofer?

The low frequency response and efficiency of a subwoofer are heavily influenced by the acoustics of the playback environment. More specifically, the response is influenced by the room’s dimensional ratios, types of construction and location of the subwoofer within that environment. You can significantly improve the subwoofer’s in-room response and efficiency by experimenting with various room placements until you find an optimum location.

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