Design Services

May 8, 2008

  • OEM Active Subwoofer Design; this includes complete electronics design amplifier, EQ, limiting, bass management, remote controls, etc.
  • OEM passive or fully active speaker design (analog or DSP)
  • OEM stand alone electronics, amplifiers, equalizers, 5.1 bass management, DSP hardware etc.
  • Superior crossover design, thanks to proprietary computer crossover modeling software. (click here to learn more)
  • Embedded audio: Design of internal speakers / audio playback systems for TVs, laptop computers, etc.
  • Full Documentation of all designs – including 3D CAD drawings
  • Vast experience with THX design and Approval / Certification (professional and consumer products)
  • 3D CAD Design conversion to 3D solid CAD / Rapid prototyping – “SLA” stereo lithography prototypes and models
  • Industrial Design
  • Photo rendering

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