Blue Sky’s I/ON Nominated for an Advancement In Radio Technology Award

August 13, 2008

Audio Design Labs Inc. are very pleased to announce that Blue Sky’s I/ON Passive Studio Monitor, which is designed and manufactured by ADL, has been nominated for a Radio magazine Advancement In Radio Technology Award. Readers are able currently able vote for their favorite products, winners will be announced at the NAB Radio Show during a special reception on Sept. 18, 2008 and in the October 2008 issue of Radio magazine.  Voting can be done via the Radio magazine website, by following this link »

Blue Sky’s I/ON Passive Studio Monitor is more than the typical in-wall or on-wall speaker. The I/ON passive studio monitor includes many unique features and benefits, which allow it to far exceed what has come to be expected from passive studio monitors and in-wall or on-wall speakers.

Unique features designed into the I/ON Passive Studio Monitor:

  • Studio grade performance; I/ON is an evolution of Blue Sky’s critically acclaimed SAT 6.5 MK II active studio monitor, and is designed to integrate perfectly with Blue Sky’s SUB 12 and SUB 15 Universal.
  • Correct 80 Hz roll off; for proper integration with Blue Sky’s, and also many consumer bass management systems.
  • Fully sealed box design; for easy installation in a wall, or on a wall, without needing to rely on the inner wall as an enclosure. This provides the correct acoustic volume every time and eliminates the need for an accessory box to seal off the internal wall.
  • Versatile; the same product mounts either in, or on a wall. It can also easily be mounted vertically, horizontally, or upside down.
  • Low diffraction cloth grille; greatly minimizes the acoustic impact of the grill cloth and grill frame on the performance of the I/ON Passive Studio Monitor.

The end result is an in-wall / on-wall passive studio monitor that integrates seamlessly into to your studio, home cinema, boardroom, or other critical listening environment and provides the type of performance our customers have come to expect from Blue Sky.

Note: Like all Blue Sky SATs, the I/ON Passive Studio Monitor is designed to perform at its best when matched with a Blue Sky subwoofer such as the SUB 12 or SUB 15 Universal.

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Blue Sky International was founded, and is jointly owned by Group One Ltd. and Audio Design Labs Inc. The company was established by combining the marketing, sales and distribution expertise of Group One Ltd. with the knowledge and experience of Audio Design Lab’s award-winning design team. more »


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